Monday, October 3, 2011

We're all a little bit older

 Yes, I did ask myself, "Is there any point in updating this blog after nearly NINE months of not posting?!"  And the answer is probably NO.  But here we go anyway...  Phoebe is TWO now. (Oh my.)  She had a water-themed party at the pool and in the backyard this June.  And London is FOUR. (No way!)  She had a princess/fondue party a few weekends ago (see Cinderella above).  See the pictures from these events sprinkled about (yes, everything is out of order- excuse me for not taking the time to organize.  Below is London on her new bike with training wheels.  Really, must they grow up so quickly?  I am loving my girls- loving the 21 months apart in age- loving how they are beginning to become best friends. 

We are getting excited over here because Jonathan is getting close to being a certified teacher! He will be done a few weeks into December.  Any boy is he ready for a break! It has been a busy season, but there has been grace! 
Phoebe testing out her tricycle at her birthday party in June with Gavin standing by.
London fishing in "Phoebe's fishin' hole" at her party.
We got to spend a few hours in Savannah, GA this Summer!
Some princesses enjoying their first fondue at London's birthday party.