Saturday, January 8, 2011

Cameras in our hands again

We have some pictures to share again.  We lived through our nearly four months without a camera.  But we are back again! My brother Mike generously gave us a point and shoot camera so that I would have it for my birthday and Christmas festivities.  Thanks Mike!!  We also took the plunge into the world of SLR cameras. Jonathan is enjoying studying up on all that.  (I'm sticking to the easy one for now and maybe he can show me a thing or two once he's become a pro on the SLR).  
Rather than post it all, I'll just share a few of our snow playtime from a few days ago. (We had another big one this morning! But the sun was out in the afternoon and it all quickly melted).

 The girls did much better in the snow this time! See the last picture in this post from this time last year and you will see what an improvement this is!  I think the big coats and mittens helped.  Plus London had on her rain boots so her feet stayed nice and dry.

 The girls with one of their most favorite gifts.  See Ed below with London.
 And Dog-dog with Phoebe.  (Phoebe thinks that Ed's name is "Egg"  It's funny when we are going through the house calling for our dogs and Phoebe calls for "Eggs.")
 Here is me with one of my most favorite gifts of the season!

     The Oldacre girls in the snow Jan. 2010

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Allyson said...

The last picture is HILARIOUS!!! That means there's hope for Gavin to learn to love it! And you'll LOVE your steam mop!! It makes the house feel so clean!!