Friday, October 29, 2010

We survived our first family camping trip!

We went camping last weekend at a park not far from our house (just in case it was a disaster and we had to flee to the homestead).  The girls did great! They were both asking to go to bed come night fall. London was super excited about sleeping in her sleeping bag in the tent.  And we put Phoebe in some warm pajamas in a pack in play in the tent (we borrowed a huge tent that we could all fit in) and she feel right asleep!  So what if we were awake at 6:45 the next morning-- completely dark-- not another soul in the entire campsite awake!  It was fun...  And lots of work...  ***Announcement*** Phoebe can walk now!  So there was a little chasing going on ... and she did eat concrete once (her head is healing nicely)... The girls enjoyed pushing their babies in strollers around the campsite while we got everything set up.  Jonathan said, "I can't believe we brought strollers and baby dolls on our camping trip."  Welcome to life with little girls... it's only just begun : )
 We went on a hike... More like Jonathan and I hauled two heavy babies around! (see me in the background with Phoebe in a baby bjorn-- is she too big for this thing?)
 London wanting to test out a sleeping bag before the trip.  Phoebe didn't appreciate the head-lock.
 Phoebe is big enough for a big girl car seat now!
 Phoebe really likes dogs. We ran into our friends down on Market Square one Saturday and she enjoyed visiting with their dog.
 I think this picture (aside from poor quality) is funny.
 Rewind!  Here we are celebrating London's third birthday.  Among the festivities- she got to top her own pizza!
 Celebrating our friend Ana turning 3.  Her daddy took the party-goers on a hay ride.  They had a blast!
 Another highlight from London's birthday celebration! Her first go at putt-putt!
***The pictures may cease after these for a while... Phoebe banged our camera into the TV one day and it broke a button that is essential to operating the device.   That little one is a stinker!