Wednesday, November 11, 2009

An effort to catch up!

Yes, yes I am a lame blogger! This is an effort to catch up... Of course everything is out of order, but here we go!
London with her "shape scarecrow"
Most of our new care group! (after the three-way split)
London with Sanchez (or "Sanch" as she nicknamed him). He had to move away. We are all very sad :(
When Phoebe turned four months old, I gave her a go in the Johnny Jumper. I think we'll try again in another month!
We took a trip to the Fruit and Berry Patch to find the perfect pumpkin! Despite the frigid air we had a fun time!

London test drives the Barbie Escalade -- yikes.
London's first Starbucks drink... A hot chocolate (that she wouldn't drink until it was absolutely freezing cold chocolate--- by which point there remained just one big sip. thanks for sharing London) : )
This is an old one... We took London to Red Robin for a burger and milkshake for her second birthday. She had so much fun!
Another old one: Visiting with Levi, one day old here.
London and her most recent craft: a "shape turkey". She did the gluing herself with this one. This is a big accomplishment for a girl who, when we first began with crafts, wouldn't hold a glue stick because it was "too sticky".

Grammy with her grand daughters.
Mom had a birthday last Thursday so we met her at the park for a birthday picnic. Phoebe is asleep in this picture on the see-saw.
Otis and Phoebe
London playing with her favorite toys. These animals come out every day, most of the time multiple times a day. She mostly likes to have pretend picnics for them.
Phoebe Wren growing up so sweetly!