Monday, October 12, 2009

What's been going on here

Here is a quick update in pictures with what's been going on with us Oldacres! We are all almost over many, many days of sicknesses in this household. Jonathan started us off with the flu, then London and I followed with high fevers and now London is finishing us off (hopefully!) with the swine flu. In God's kindness, Phoebe stayed completely healthy through it all. Before all of that, we had some fun days! See below:
Phoebe's first UT football party at the Carr's.
The girls and I went to "Books and Blooms" and the Zoo-mobile was there! London got to pet a rooster, iguana and bunny! Here we are enjoying a picnic in the UT Gardens.
Smelling the flowers...
A few days ago we got to spend some extended time with the Mann family (minus our husbands because they were on the CGL Retreat). We had so much fun!
Phoebe being adorable.
London really enjoys baking with me. Here she is helping me whip up a batch of apple raisen oat muffins.

I asked London to please keep an eye on Phoebe for me while I quickly vacuumed the living room. She ran to get her bible and read Phoebe a few bible stories. I thought this was a very good big sister thing to do!
I like this picture (ignoring the poor quality), because it makes me think of a "best friend" sort of pose that two older girls would do. I am excited for London and Phoebe to get to be best friends!
Phoebe mid-sentence: (Yes folks we have THREE big talkers in our house now... What do you excpect with all these ladies! Sorry Jonathan) : )
London enjoying a few of her birthday gifts. There is nothing she loves much more than pretending. So here she is mopping up her mess after washing the dishes in her new kitchen. She is becoming her mommy at a dangerously alarming rate... yikes....
I had wonderful plans for exciting outdoor fun on London's actual birthday. Unfortunately it poured down raining that day. We got soaked leaving the library and decided to go along with our plans for a picnic.. on our living room floor....