Tuesday, September 15, 2009


London turns two tomorrow--- oh my!! She seems so very grown up to me already... that is quite enough growing my dear first-born! I wish I had the time to update you all on London's previous year of life and tell you how absolutely loved she is by us... but as always, there is lots to do and the time is limited.
We celebrated London's birthday on Saturday at the park. It was lots of fun and the weather wasn't too hot this year.

Some of London's party guests:
Eadie Cate and Nora
Otis (see our growing baby? She'll be 3 months old on Sunday!!)

London really wanted a jungle-theme for her birthday. I think she's a little alarmed that Daddy would stick a huge candle in her lion's face here:
(those green cupcakes are supposed to be grass....) :)
below: London at her first birthday party. A lot changes in a year, wouldn't you say?

London, WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! love, Mommy, Daddy and Phoebe

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

London and Phoebe hanging out

Here is our sweet, sweet Phoebe Wren. She started laughing yesterday!
London's pink eye incident started the day of this picture. Thankfully we are all over it now!
Phoebe sporting a tie dye onesie that I made almost a year before she was born (notice its unisex colors).
London putting makeup on Phoebe
London can sport pig tails now! Adorable!

Here is a video accurately portraying each of our girls... London doing what she does all of her waking hours (talk) and Phoebe what she does all of hers (smile). Oh the joys of motherhood!