Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Life with Phoebe

There are oh so many pictures to post, but this will have to be a brief one! The girls are sleeping and I have much to accomplish in this stretch of time! Phoebe Wren is wonderful! We love her so much and I'm enjoying every day as I get to watch her grow. May I take this opportunity to thank my husband for working so hard so I can stay at home and care for our children! I wouldn't miss this time with them for anything.
Here are some of Phoebe's firsts:
First outing: To the pediatrician!
First stroller ride:
First trip to the park.
First car ride: home from the hospital.
First playtime with her big sister
Playtime continued: not sure this was much fun for Phoebe, but London sure enjoyed it. Hey, at least she's sharing.... :)
Here are some of the babies who almost shared a birthday with Phoebe:
Elsie -- born three days after Phoebe.
Freeman Michael Paul- born July 2
Liam Piper- born at the beginning of May.
And there are more to come!
Here is London showing off her patriotic bracelet-- a gift from Keenan.
Viewing the fireworks with Daddy(she was a little scared).
Happy fourth of July from the Oldacres! (please excuse Travis- this is the best family picture we got and I don't know the first thing about Photoshopping people out of pictures!)
I love the dress London is wearing-- a gift from my mom..