Tuesday, May 5, 2009

London says her "ABC's"

London is such a joy to us! Have I mentioned lately how ready I believe she is for a little sister? Most of the day is spent playing with her babies. She holds them, reads to them, puts them down for naps, wipes their faces, changes their diapers, gives them milk, hands them toys, everything! It's funny because often she will ask me to read baby a book or put them in her crib for her and I am beginning to experience some of what it's like to care for two children! Sometimes I have to tell London, "Mommy needs a rest!" To which she will immediately drop whatever she is doing, run to her room, get two blankets out of her drawer, lay one of the floor, "Mama rest", lay another one on top of me and then proceed to offer me a drink or a magazine to read. She is so sweet and so very helpful around the house. She helps me dust and do the laundry all the time. While I am sure we will meet our challenges when Little Baby comes, London's heart to serve is sure giving me some hope for the future!
Below is a video of some of what she knows of her ABC's at this point. Please excuse the little outburst towards the end, she insisted upon watching herself on the camera before she could finish the alphabet.