Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Rossini Festival with friends

London (19 mos.) with Eadie Cate (18 mos.) at the Rossini Festival 2009!
"Gimme Five!"

Eadie puckers up.

The Oldacre Family
The Mann Family
Playing with chalk

Dancing on Daddy's feet!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Easter Weekend!

First, a little recognition for our endearing "Little Baby." According to babycenter.com she currently weighs as much as 4 navel oranges and is approximately 16 inches long. Wow! I have a feeling she will be here before we know it folks!

London had a fun-filled Easter weekend. First Uncle Mike came into town with his friend Keenan and she brought a special Easter basket for London. London loved everything inside. She likes to wear her bubble necklace around the house on a regular basis now. Thanks Keenan!

Easter egg hunt at Otis and Megus' house. This will be the last event at their house since they sold it and will be moving to the lake in a few weeks!

Uncle Mike was the egg-hider so he helped guide London around the yard as she filled her basket with eggs.
"Pink!" She would name the color of each egg as she found it and then put it in her basket saying, "basket."

Then London got to open a special Easter basket from Otis and Megus. My mom had baskets for each of us four kids for as long as I can remember. It was always a fun tradition that I looked forward to...
Easter morning at home! Jonathan wanted to make sure we captured London's bed-head on camera. This picture really doesn't do it justice.... it was a bad case. It's fun that she has enough hair for bed-head now!

Easter egg hunt at home in the front yard... which was pretty funny... so many cars slowed down to watch London hunt eggs. The ground conditions were really much better in the front yard, otherwise we would have been in the backyard for sure!

"Are you kidding me-- you're supposed to eat these things?!"

"Well, alright."

Friday, April 10, 2009

A little update in pictures

Here is a brief update for you. Jonathan turned a year older! I love him so much! He has grown so much over the years that I've known him... I wish I had the time right now to count the ways, but I hear a "ma ma? ma ma? ma ma?" coming from London's room... London really loves her daddy.
Jonathan had a surprise birthday party at our friend's house. Here is London at the party playing with one of her favorite friends, Lilly. Lilly is very sweet to London and "babies" her a lot. London likes that.

London had her first pedicure! She thought it was neat. For days after she would point at her toes saying "paint toes, ma ma too" and things like that. (we have matching toes now).
Waiting for her toes to dry.