Thursday, March 26, 2009

London at a year and a half

Wow, wow, wow there is so much catching up to do! 18 months is an amazing age! London is growing so much and she continues to be lots of fun to be with. She is a talker and can say anything you ask her to. She has even begun putting words in sequence. Like "Jill house Max" (we went to Jill's house to feed her cats Max and Sanchez this past weekend and London always asks to go back). She also recognizes some letters and when she sees an "L" she says "London." She knows a lot of her opposites too (hot/cold, up/down, fast/slow, small/big, on/off, open/close, etc.) I think she'd like to think she knows her colors, but that's still in the works (she goes through 2 or 3 guesses before she gets the color correct usually). She can sing lots of songs and do the movements to them. She is really sweet to her babies and she asks them "hold you" and lays them on blankies. She continues to be very affectionate and there is nothing she'd rather do than sit and play with Mama or Dada. Well, she may rather be at the park swinging or sliding... she asks to do this frequently too. Thankfully we've had some pretty comfortable days so we've spent much more time outside. See our pictures below!

Visiting Baby Gavin. He is just over a week old here, I think.

Park Day #1

She had lots of fun playing in the sand! At one point a little boy was playing next to her and he threw fistfuls of sand into the air. Of course it got all over London, in her mouth and her ears.
Jonathan got a new job! He works in downtown Maryville now. We got to have lunch with him a few weeks ago.
The highlight for London (besides seeing Dada): seeing these ducks! She kept saying "Ducks water" and pointing to the pond. I guess she felt they were out of their element.
That's right folks- she is a straight-up walker now! It is so fun to watch her b/c it really seems that she enjoys life much more now that she can toddle around the world on her own.
We got to visit the ZOO! As much as London loves animals, I knew this would be a treat for her. We went with Lillian, Ella Reese and Dean. Here's the crew...
They had an indoor kids play area that was really cool. We did this at the very end and the kids really enjoyed it!
London really thought this car was fun (it didn't move). There's Ella in the background doing a little handy-work.
At her workbench at the zoo. London said "Dada" when she saw these tools. I think Jonathan likes that she associates him with fixing stuff around the house. As a side note: Jonathan has been working on getting grass to grow in our front yard now for almost a month. And he is doing a super job! We have beautiful grass now! I should take a picture; it really is an amazing turn around from what it once was.
Sorting vegetables in the pretend kitchen.
Pretending to be a vet!
Did she ever enjoy the petting zoo section!!!! She went around to every animal in the cage saying "Pat".
In the eye... good thing these animals could care less what you do to them.

They even had fun slides and things to climb on.
Another one of her favorite things was to sit on these fake animals. She especially liked this frog.

And this turtle.

Our first picnic of the season (not counting the one while visiting Jonathan in Maryville).
The park near our house. It has a baby swing and slides. London even went down the big kid, twisty slide, much to my amazement!
I am truly enjoying this time with London before her little sister comes. I still need to post a picture of my growing belly. Let's just saying that it's growing much faster this time around! Yikes!