Saturday, January 31, 2009


Earlier this week, Casey posted a video of Nora (London's non-walking buddy) on her blog. Nora was attempting to stand on her own! I showed London the video and said something like, "You should try to stand sometime." I didn't think she was even really paying attention to the video, but a couple of evenings later I came into the room she was in, and she was trying to stand up!
I caught a couple of videos of her first two attempts. She kept trying over and over again and by the end of the night, she could stand probably 10 seconds on her own! Unfortunately I didn't get that on video because every time I would try to take it, she would crawl to me to see herself on the camera.
(please excuse her outfit-- she was half in her play clothes, half in pajamas).

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

We're seeing PINK!

We are happy to announce that we will be welcoming a baby GIRL in June!
I never expected the Lord to give me two baby girls- but boy am I excited! Jonathan got the news when I poked into his training class on his first day of work holding "It's a Girl!" balloons yesterday. He was so surprised to see me; it was fun! London gave me a look of "I told you so" when I gave her the news. She's been telling us for months that mama is going to have a baby girl. We will be busy brainstorming girl names for a while now, as we are completely clueless with this one.
I wish I had a picture of Jonathan's face from yesterday... But this one of an ecstatic London will have to do!

Monday, January 19, 2009

What we're doing in January

Our silly 16 month old. I'd like to do a long post about what London is into these days; it's really quite entertaining. But I only have time to post pictures right now. So stay tuned for that and hopefully some belly shots featuring Little Baby!
Lundy and Mommy's self portrait
Our friend Allyson has a baby shower! Baby Gavin coming in February!
London and Ana. Ana is going to have a new sibling at the same time as London!
London with Braden.
Rose Carr. London really, really likes dogs. Rose, a Great Dane, is no exception.
This is baby Libby. She was born on Dec. 27. London was so excited to get to meet her.
Laurel came to play and she let London wear her hat (see above).
London shares her baby with Laurel.

Playtime with Eadie Cate and Ana! Eadie Cate is going to have a new sibling this summer too!

Monday, January 5, 2009

A Wonderful Christmas

The Oldacre family enjoyed a great Christmas this year. Our last as a family of three! (Note: we find out the gender of Little Baby on Jan. 26!!) Here London & Jonathan enjoy a fun gift from Uncle Mike!
London's Grammy made this hat for her, per my request. I think she did a wonderful job- it's adorable on our little girl!
We celebrated Christmas with my parents and Brian and Brett this past Saturday. London enjoyed hanging out with Uncle Brian. He's a freshman at UT this year!

funny pic with Otis!
London received lots of great gifts this Christmas. This is a cool book to help her learn the alphabet. She can say her ABC's now- all the way to "B"! :)
Family picture!
Christmas morning with our baby. She really enjoyed opening gifts and wanted to take time to play with each gift before starting on the next. Things will be so different with two next Christmas!
Our neighbors and friends Will & Jill got London this baby for Christmas. She named her Bess.

London with Becca! Becca is one of London's "regular" babysitters and she loves her very much!