Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The days leading to Christmas, including my birthday!

London can stand now! Not for a long period of time yet, but this is a big deal for our ever-cautious baby and we are very excited for her!
A very pretty Christmas dress from Grammy's friend Virginia.
This is her sign for picture/camera that she made up on her own. It's cute, but I don't exactly want her making this sign in every picture we take of her!
Ah.. for my birthday my wonderful husband surprised me with dinner at a new restaurant in Market Square and tickets to a play. I had been wanting to see a play for a very, very long time, so this really blessed me. We had so much fun together.
He also made me a tasty birthday cake! I really wish you could see how expertly he decorated it. He rolled out yellow fondant and made a sunburst design at the top of it. There were fondant "sun beams" around the sides and he used my special tips to do the writing.
Here he is icing the cake with the icing he made from scratch. Yum!
I made a few "Christmas treats" last week. London had a grand time helping me.

I'm afraid her initial thought was, "wow- giant snack bowl for me!"

Have I mentioned that London is THE most affectionate baby I know on all the earth? I'm sure I have... I'm just reminded of it every day, I figured I'd mention it here. Here she is loving her webkinz guy Bruno.
Occasionally I'll push London around the house in our laundry basket making a car or train sound. The other day she put Bruno in this canister and proceeded to cruise him around the house using the car sound effect. She is so silly and I love her!
London with buddy Hunter.

With Eadie Cate. London especially loves her friends who have not mastered walking yet :)

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


We have an announcement to make! That's right- we're pregnant! We are very excited to welcome our "little baby" (intentionally referred to as "little baby" to avoid the unfortunate "baby #2" title) into the world in June of 2009. I'm already 12 weeks along and pregnancy has gone wonderfully so far. I am very thankful! London has adjusted well to the addition of Little Baby so far and she is very excited to be a big sister. Below is a picture of London displaying the approximate size of Little Baby for you all.
*note poll in the left-hand column if you have an inkling of what Little Baby will be!