Tuesday, August 19, 2008

London Fiore, a bundle of fun

The older London gets, the more she talks, and the more her personality comes out. I am beginning to learn what a fun little girl we have! In the picture above, she is playing with my makeup. Up until this morning, every brush of every variety (hairbrush, blush brush, toothbrush, etc.) she uses to brush her hair. Today, she actually starting using an eyeshadow brush on her face. I can't believe she is picking up how to put on makeup already! I told her that it would be a long time before I wanted her to try the eyelash curler.
My grandmother (Ceta) in Texas had a birthday last week. I wrote her a letter and made a card with a sign. Here is one of the rejected shots from our photo shoot.

As London becomes more mobile, she finds herself in predicaments fairly often. This is what I came upon after hearing desperate cries coming from the living room. She was trying to pull the bag off the coffee table and after it fell on her head, she wasn't sure what to do next... Yes, she was stuck in this position until I slowly helped her to the floor.
This is what London looks like before she goes for a crawl. That's right- our London can crawl at last! She is still really timid about it and would much rather sit and play. But it's good to know she's capable of crawling if she must!
Haha, here's a not-so-attractive shot of London crawling.
She has four teeth now! See her top two here.

When Eadie came to play last week, London wanted to crawl all over her and get up in her face. It's so much fun now that our babies are actually interacting!
Ok.. this is London's first attachment. She cries when you take away her balloon. We got it on Saturday and today it had completely deflated, but she still carried it the whole time we were in Kroger. I wish I had a picture of that... The sweetest thing is that she can say "boooon". So every where we go, every balloon she sees, she points it out to me.. "boooon"
Snack-time with her balloon.
London's most favorite word of all time is "light." She notices every light that you could possibly imagine. The light coming in through the window, the light from the instrument at the doctor's office, the lamp, the chandelier, on and on. She says it like a little southern belle too, "Liiight" with a soft emphasis on the "l". Adorable.
I met a lady in our neighborhood who told us about a park nearby with a baby swing. London and I investigated it today, at the hottest time of the day. We stayed about 5 minutes. She loved the swing. Of course it was black and blazing hot. So here you can see how I rigged it so she could sit in it from stuff I found in the car-- a bib and two winter mittens.

Friday, August 8, 2008

She is getting too close to ONE YEAR!

Mommy and Lundy at the park. We went to Sequoyah Hills this time. It was fun.
contemplating her life as she nears one year old...
She's a "reacher" folks!
visiting Daddy for lunch. Mostly a wonderful time of "bird watching" for London.
Bathing Beauty.
This is the balloon we brought to baby Laurel when she was born. London loved it. She kept saying "Oooo, oooo." (sounds like: ewww, ewww)
you can imagine the sound if you looks at her lips
I took London to a real artist for a hand-print making session. Hehe, it was my friend Lillian. She did a great job.

A visit from Uncle Mike, who now lives in Dallas!
Laurel Anne was born on Wednesday, August 6. We got to visit her last night. It was so neat seeing our two wonderful friends as new parents. We love you guys!
Babies are not allowed to go back in the labor wing. So we swapped with another couple who watched London for us while we went. Here we are watching their daughter Ana. She thinks Jonathan is very odd.
London has had a cold this week. You can tell how sickly she feels in this picture. London is always a snuggly baby, but this week she has been snuggly baby x 10!