Saturday, June 28, 2008

Recent pictures of our sweet, sweet girl

We've been enjoying summertime around the Oldacre household lately. Much of our indoor time is spent trying to encourage our completely-content-with-being-a-sitter-baby to crawl!! Perhaps one day she will feel it necessary to move from her seated position! It's quite humorous really.

London and her friend Eadie at our pool. You can tell in this picture that she isn't quite herself. I think she may be cutting a new tooth. She has been pretty unhappy this week.

London at Knox's first birthday party.
Eating a snack of Cheerios.
Sleeping great these days! What a sweet sleeper she is...
Cruising with Hunter in the pool, apparently not Hunter's idea of a good time. :)

Monday, June 16, 2008

She is 9 months old today!

London turned 9 months old today. What a sweet baby girl God has given us. We love her so very much. Here are some things that London does at 9 months:
*waves and says "bye bye"
*does the sign for "more"
*she recently learned to clap.
*she loves to go swimming. If we are on a walk and we pass by the pool without stopping, she cries.
*likes to pet our neighbor's cat
*likes to water the garden with Mommy and splash in the water.
*her favorite morning chore is making the bed (see pictures below). She cracks up when I straighten the sheets and she almost tips over.
*she loves taking baths and playing with her rubber ducky.
*favorite foods: mango, applesauce, cheerios, blueberries, and a new favorite: yogurt.

London's first bike ride! She didn't dig it so much... her helmet kept falling over her face.
Ponte Vedra Beach, FL (I'll post more pictures from this trip later).
Her first time on a swing - she did love it!

Ma Ma and baby
With Daddy on Father's Day
Today! Exactly 9 months old here:
She is so big! We go to the doctor on Friday... I can't wait to find out her stats.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Outdoors with my baby

I don't know what London and I will do once it grows cold again. We spend so much time outside! We take multiple walks a day in our neighborhood; I really enjoy strolling with my baby. However, the best is when Jonathan joins us in the evenings for a stroll before London's bedtime. I love being with my husband so much!!!

Here are some pictures from a few weeks ago when London and I went to a park for a walk and a picnic of avocado.

examining the grass in her hands.
On Memorial Day we drove up to the mountains for a short hike. Jonathan doesn't think that men should wear these baby carriers. But he put it on the last few yards of our hike just to humor me.

Monday, June 2, 2008

April Showers bring May Showers!

London and I went to a wedding shower for Meredith a few weekends ago, so that marks her first wedding shower. She's a pro at the baby showers these days!
First are some pictures of London with her best boy buddy Knox.

It was a monogram wedding shower. Here is her monogrammed shower cake from my favorite of all places in Knoxville: Magpies!
This was at Meg's baby shower. This is Meg's sister-in-law Lauren holding London and Ana.
I love this look!
The shower theme was bright flowers and candy-- very fitting of our sweet friend Meg!
Meg opening gifts. Baby Laurel is due Aug. 1 and we are so excited to meet her!