Monday, April 21, 2008

Plums and toes

London's response to plums has been her best yet.

For the first several spoonfuls, she had to tilt her head to the side to experience the plum. Maybe it took a special taste bud to get the full affect of the flavor... That's my baby!
"I guess it's not that bad," says London.
Here is London with her care group buddy Olivia. Olivia turned one in December, so she is one of London's more mature friends.

Rossini Festival 2008! This is our favorite festival. Jonathan and I haven't missed a year, so we were thrilled to let London attend her first! She must have felt the excitement in the air, because she was so bubbly and giddy as we were getting ready to leave for downtown.
Everyone kept stopping us and grabbing her toes saying, "Sorry, I just had to do that!"
We ran into our friends while we were walking down Gay St. Here is London saying hello to Hunter. That's Anna Kate giving us a smile.
London loves, loves, loves her daddy!
Jonathan taught us how we could have more fun with the rock-a-stack by putting the rings on our head.
Here is London anticipating it falling off her head!
Today we had a picnic at the park with my mom!

And just yesterday, London learned a new trick! I was able to catch it on camera today:

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Days of April

It's hard to believe that our baby will be 7 months old this week. Wow! Here are some pictures in completely random order from the past couple of weeks.

London enjoys "helping" me put clean sheets on the bed. Here is a picture from yesterday's event. I wish the picture wasn't so blurry, it's such a cute one!Trying on her bathing suit for the summer! I got this suit at my shower last year. I didn't think it would fit my baby before the summer was over since it's a 12 mo.! But lo-and-behold, it does!

Still looking like her daddy...

Braden Michael was born on April 7. Here I am visiting them in the hospital. Everything went so well for Elizabeth- I am so thankful!

Showing off a new outfit.
She loves her peas! I thought this was such a beautiful color for a baby food...
London got to play with some friends at the Women's Retreat in Chattanooga a few weekends ago. Here she is with Pearl. Pearl can crawl. So this is London saying, "You have my book, but I can't do anything about it!"

Anson kept making London smile by fake coughing . It was sweet. This is our cherry tree in full bloom. Isn't it beautiful?

London is a sitter now! She can sit like she's been doing it for months!
Oh so cute! I love my little baby girl!!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Birthday celebrations

Here are some pictures from Jonathan's birthday celebrations. It was a long weekend full of fun times. First you'll see pictures from our time in Kingston, TN. I surprised Jonathan with a stay at a very generous, kind family's lake house. He used the first half of the day as a personal retreat and then London and I came up later in the day to celebrate with him and spend the night.
Jonathan opening his gifts.

London opening Jonathan's gifts. "I'm not supposed to be doing this am I?""Oh well, I'm cute!"

The beginnings of Jonathan's birthday cake. It's my grandmother Ceta's red velvet recipe that we've been making for years and years. It's the best. It always makes me think of Ceta and all the red velvet requests we made of her. Thanks Ceta. You're the best!
The icing. It has to beat for 20 minutes! I'm thankful for my Kitchenaid maker in times like these!
The final product. This is a bad picture. But it sure did taste swell! I made the 28 out of fondant, so it was tastily edible!
Celebrating his birthday with some friends. This was so much fun!

Some of his celebratory crew.
London and Eadie got to play a little bit at the restaurant.