Monday, October 3, 2011

We're all a little bit older

 Yes, I did ask myself, "Is there any point in updating this blog after nearly NINE months of not posting?!"  And the answer is probably NO.  But here we go anyway...  Phoebe is TWO now. (Oh my.)  She had a water-themed party at the pool and in the backyard this June.  And London is FOUR. (No way!)  She had a princess/fondue party a few weekends ago (see Cinderella above).  See the pictures from these events sprinkled about (yes, everything is out of order- excuse me for not taking the time to organize.  Below is London on her new bike with training wheels.  Really, must they grow up so quickly?  I am loving my girls- loving the 21 months apart in age- loving how they are beginning to become best friends. 

We are getting excited over here because Jonathan is getting close to being a certified teacher! He will be done a few weeks into December.  Any boy is he ready for a break! It has been a busy season, but there has been grace! 
Phoebe testing out her tricycle at her birthday party in June with Gavin standing by.
London fishing in "Phoebe's fishin' hole" at her party.
We got to spend a few hours in Savannah, GA this Summer!
Some princesses enjoying their first fondue at London's birthday party.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Cameras in our hands again

We have some pictures to share again.  We lived through our nearly four months without a camera.  But we are back again! My brother Mike generously gave us a point and shoot camera so that I would have it for my birthday and Christmas festivities.  Thanks Mike!!  We also took the plunge into the world of SLR cameras. Jonathan is enjoying studying up on all that.  (I'm sticking to the easy one for now and maybe he can show me a thing or two once he's become a pro on the SLR).  
Rather than post it all, I'll just share a few of our snow playtime from a few days ago. (We had another big one this morning! But the sun was out in the afternoon and it all quickly melted).

 The girls did much better in the snow this time! See the last picture in this post from this time last year and you will see what an improvement this is!  I think the big coats and mittens helped.  Plus London had on her rain boots so her feet stayed nice and dry.

 The girls with one of their most favorite gifts.  See Ed below with London.
 And Dog-dog with Phoebe.  (Phoebe thinks that Ed's name is "Egg"  It's funny when we are going through the house calling for our dogs and Phoebe calls for "Eggs.")
 Here is me with one of my most favorite gifts of the season!

     The Oldacre girls in the snow Jan. 2010

Friday, October 29, 2010

We survived our first family camping trip!

We went camping last weekend at a park not far from our house (just in case it was a disaster and we had to flee to the homestead).  The girls did great! They were both asking to go to bed come night fall. London was super excited about sleeping in her sleeping bag in the tent.  And we put Phoebe in some warm pajamas in a pack in play in the tent (we borrowed a huge tent that we could all fit in) and she feel right asleep!  So what if we were awake at 6:45 the next morning-- completely dark-- not another soul in the entire campsite awake!  It was fun...  And lots of work...  ***Announcement*** Phoebe can walk now!  So there was a little chasing going on ... and she did eat concrete once (her head is healing nicely)... The girls enjoyed pushing their babies in strollers around the campsite while we got everything set up.  Jonathan said, "I can't believe we brought strollers and baby dolls on our camping trip."  Welcome to life with little girls... it's only just begun : )
 We went on a hike... More like Jonathan and I hauled two heavy babies around! (see me in the background with Phoebe in a baby bjorn-- is she too big for this thing?)
 London wanting to test out a sleeping bag before the trip.  Phoebe didn't appreciate the head-lock.
 Phoebe is big enough for a big girl car seat now!
 Phoebe really likes dogs. We ran into our friends down on Market Square one Saturday and she enjoyed visiting with their dog.
 I think this picture (aside from poor quality) is funny.
 Rewind!  Here we are celebrating London's third birthday.  Among the festivities- she got to top her own pizza!
 Celebrating our friend Ana turning 3.  Her daddy took the party-goers on a hay ride.  They had a blast!
 Another highlight from London's birthday celebration! Her first go at putt-putt!
***The pictures may cease after these for a while... Phoebe banged our camera into the TV one day and it broke a button that is essential to operating the device.   That little one is a stinker!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Our Little Baby turns One

Phoebe Wren turned one on June 20!  We celebrated with friends and family on June 26 at the park.  Phoebe was so very sweet and gave a good performance with her first go at cake (we won't count my Magpies cupcake she took a big dive into when I was doing my "tasting" last month, Ahem.  This lady adores baked goods of every variety). 

Monday, May 24, 2010

Vacation 2010

Hello everyone.  I realize this update isn't much and you're probably not going to get much more!  It takes such a long time to upload pictures and I just don't have the time (nor the desire) to sit here all day!  So sorry! These are pictures from our vacation a few weeks ago.  We had a GREAT time.  And the girls did surprisingly well in the car.  The first picture of Phoebe at the top is what she did the majority of the car ride (hold her blanket and suck her thumb).    The top picture of London is outside on the top deck of our beach house.  Ok..  I really must go, Phoebe is screaming like a maniac and London is begging to go outside.  Don't check back here too often.. I can't promise you'll find anything!   (For family, I can send out some pictures via email so you can see how much the girls are growing!!). 

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

An effort to catch up!

Yes, yes I am a lame blogger! This is an effort to catch up... Of course everything is out of order, but here we go!
London with her "shape scarecrow"
Most of our new care group! (after the three-way split)
London with Sanchez (or "Sanch" as she nicknamed him). He had to move away. We are all very sad :(
When Phoebe turned four months old, I gave her a go in the Johnny Jumper. I think we'll try again in another month!
We took a trip to the Fruit and Berry Patch to find the perfect pumpkin! Despite the frigid air we had a fun time!

London test drives the Barbie Escalade -- yikes.
London's first Starbucks drink... A hot chocolate (that she wouldn't drink until it was absolutely freezing cold chocolate--- by which point there remained just one big sip. thanks for sharing London) : )
This is an old one... We took London to Red Robin for a burger and milkshake for her second birthday. She had so much fun!
Another old one: Visiting with Levi, one day old here.
London and her most recent craft: a "shape turkey". She did the gluing herself with this one. This is a big accomplishment for a girl who, when we first began with crafts, wouldn't hold a glue stick because it was "too sticky".

Grammy with her grand daughters.
Mom had a birthday last Thursday so we met her at the park for a birthday picnic. Phoebe is asleep in this picture on the see-saw.
Otis and Phoebe
London playing with her favorite toys. These animals come out every day, most of the time multiple times a day. She mostly likes to have pretend picnics for them.
Phoebe Wren growing up so sweetly!